***This writing is a free ending of a fragment in the novel “I’m a zombie filled with love” by Isaac Marion.  The story I’m based to write it, can be read it here.***

…I have to admit it, starting my relation with Emily makes my life easier, if that could be possible. In my previous life, relations scaried me. Now, I don’t need to meet my mother-in-law in Sunday boring-dinners, get marry or go to malls in Sales period. Rememebering that, I feel terrified. I am not worried anymore about having children, fill an instance to meet my friends because they were always busy or open a bank account with my couple. Definitelly, my future seems more peaceful.
You can imagine how I feel when last week, Emily and me moved a little far from the other zombies, maybe half a mile, more or less. We put some stones in circle in a piece of sand in the field. Since that day, we haven’t heard all the time the others’ groans. So better, the landscape is more interesting, with lot of trees and a river near our “property”. We can also wash our clothes, can you trust it?
Now, we are getting used to visit the city by ourselves; we walk taking our hands and doing some kind of romantic noises. Emily convinced me to eat people’s brains, I’ve just mind it anymore. Defintely, they are delicious. In fact, I’m becoming a kind of expert in brain-testing, as human people with wine. In my opinion, teacher’s brain are the best; in the other hand, bankers’ ones are too much bitter.
That’s the reason I can remember now more and more things. I probably could tell you my life-before-death story, but I thought it’s not so interesting. I’m filled with Emily at my side. Now, I have to say goodbye to all of you. My previous name might have started with T, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’m a zombie and I’m sure my life is better than yours. Don’t you agree?

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