Hi Stephanie
        I wish I could help you giving you the information you need, but I have to tell you it’s the first time I’m doing the role of “cupido”. By the way, I can tell you about Nacho. He’s a great friend of mine, and if you are interested in built up a relation with him, I have to admit that is a convenient decisión.
First of all, he is 31 and has a good job, he’s a lawyer (that not a liar). He is very extrovert and sociable, he could talk about too interesting and varied topics and I’m sure you will never have “uncomfortable silences” with him. I also have to tell you he is extremely polite (imagine he also does the ironing: the shirts, the sheets, the handkerchiefs, even his socks). He is hard-worker but also funny, he admits to know hundreds of different bars and restaurants on the city. He’s also independent, because he has lived alone in a flat for 4 years, and his mum also prepares him tuppers weekly. And one of the things I can emphasise on his carácter is that he is very open-minded (it wouldn’t mean he acts like this in love relations, don’t misunderstand the adjective).
Concerning to his hobbies, he likes going out, seing films, reading books and having more information about politics, sports or philosopy to chat up. As I told you before, he’s talking most of the time, even if the other person goes to the toilet. He also likes dancing, his favourite dance is “tap dance” (which his friends thought he had done only for flirt with girls, but later we have seen he is an artist). As a result of his tendency to visit restaurants, his stomach is getting bigger, but he also goes to the gym (at least, once a month to do the payment). He’s very active, and always needs to do things and visit places. He enjoys women and treat them as princesses, but I’m sure if he starts a relation with you, you only will be his princess (you would be his first serious relation and I am sure is what he needs now).
¿How is he physically? It’s easy to say. ¿Have you had the look of “latin lovers” seen in films or musicians? He’s the opposite one: bald, not specially tall, but his face is funny and he looks intelectual with his “pasta glasses”. Eventhough, he always dresses up elegant.
And I think that’s all I can tell you about him. I hope the information was useful for you. Please, let me know if you need some extra information about him. I wish you could meet him soon when  you travel to the city. I will be happy if it cames to a good end, so I will consider myself a good “Cupido”.
Best regards.

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